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The ALLDEYNN brand is available in the Polish online shop in the UK, there are products that support the building of collagen in the body, the protein that makes up all tissues. From hair, skin and nails, to blood vessels, muscles or cartilage and internal organs.

Despite being a relatively simple protein compound, collagen's functions are downright astonishing.When collagen levels decline, for example with age or with a vegan diet, as well as with compulsive smoking and alcohol consumption, increasing the supply with the diet can prevent skin deterioration or increased susceptibility to injury.

On sale in a Polish pharmacy in England, ALLDEYNN is present and contains hydrolysed fish collagen, characterised by high bioavailability and protected by a patent. Vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen in the body, so it is one of the key additives in collagen preparations. In addition, biotin (which builds keratin, of which there is more in hair and nails and the outer layer of the skin) and hyaluronic acid (which promotes tissue hydration) are usually present in these preparations.

There is also a product available that is more targeted at the skin itself and the outer tissues. It contains keratin-building compounds directly, such as hydrolysed, well-absorbed keratin (patented), as well as indirectly, i.e. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), silica (from bamboo and field horsetail) and zinc, among others, or finally protective compounds such as polyphenols and vitamins with antioxidant potential.

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