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Gerber Baby Food

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Feeding babies and young children is an important activity that can have a major impact on their future health. For this reason, the Gerber Baby Food brand, available in the UK in our online shop, pays great attention to every detail related to products for the little ones. Not only is the production stage important, but also the cultivation of the individual plants and even their transport.

It all started in 1927, when Dorothy Gerber began preparing meals for her baby daughter. At first, she did this only at home, before moving to a factory that belonged to her family. Thanks to the heart she put in, over time the logo with the puffy baby bean became an internationally recognised baby food label.

Today, the list of Gerber Baby Food items in the UK is quite long. It includes smooth purees with a single vegetable or fruit and complex products containing a variety of plants and grains. All products have been thoroughly tested and are safe for little tummies. In addition, each pack is clearly labelled to suggest from which month of age a particular juice or mousse can be given. The best and tastiest meals ideal for your little one are available in the online shop.

Gerber Baby Food - quality and safety

Due to the fact that babies' bodies do not yet have fully developed defence mechanisms, they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of external agents and chemicals. It is therefore important to avoid exposing the youngest to plant protection products, fertilisers, etc. The Gerber Baby Food brand is not only famous in the UK for its strict standards on the quality of ingredients used in the production of baby food. Composing the right recipes is not everything. The manufacturing process starts with selecting the best seeds and finding the land to grow them. Even the type of soil or degree of irrigation can affect the appearance and taste of individual plants.

Gerber Baby Food experts, whose products you can find in the UK, advise farmers and look for effective solutions. Like Nestlé (which owns the brand), they strive to make the meals created not only delicious but also healthy. The safety of the food is controlled in 24 research centres around the world.

Gerber cares about the youngest gourmets

Clean Field Farming practices and strict rules regarding the cultivation of fruit and vegetables mean that parents can also reach for Gerber Baby Food preparations in the UK without fear. In addition, every new product that comes onto the market is tested by toddlers to ensure that not only the high-quality ingredients, but also their texture and taste meet the demands of infant tummies.

As you can see, Gerber Baby Food in the UK and elsewhere takes a truly comprehensive approach to feeding the little ones. To meet the needs of parents, the company has also set up a helpline where you can get answers to your questions. If you're looking for quality-tested products for the little ones, browse our shop, take advantage of attractive promotions and collect loyalty points.

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