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For the sake of health and well-being, we support ourselves with properly selected nutrients. We offer dietary supplements from the DoppelHerz brand - also well-known in the UK - which can help supply the body with essential vitamins and minerals through its preparations. The characteristic logo consisting of a red and black heart has accompanied consumers for years.

In 1919, Josef Peter Hensen - an apothecary - created the herbal tonic that gave rise to this popular company in many countries. Advertised even by housewives, it became one of the better recognised items.

Today, the manufacturer of DoppelHerz products in the UK is Queisser Pharma. It is renowned for its high standards and numerous tests carried out throughout the manufacturing process of its products. All ingredients are of quality, plant raw materials must be pesticide-free. To ensure customer satisfaction, their feedback is also collected, which influences the solutions implemented.

The online shop offers vitamins in the form of liquids, capsules and tablets. They are designed for people of all ages, struggling with fatigue, osteoarticular problems, menopause, mineral deficiencies and other common problems. Thanks to the wide range on offer, you can easily find preparations that can help you maintain your vitality and well-being on a daily basis.

DoppelHerz UK preparations
Too little time and constant rush make it very difficult to supply the body with sufficient nutrients. DoppelHerz dietary supplements (also available in the UK), which contain specially selected compositions of vitamins, minerals and plant-derived ingredients, can be used to supplement the resulting deficiencies. One of the more common symptoms suggesting a lack of valuable elements in the diet is constant fatigue, muscle cramps and irritability. In addition, poor nutrition also affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails. In order to ensure that the whole body is in good condition, appropriate supplementation can be considered in such cases. Often a tablet a day is enough to feel better.

DoppelHerz in the UK also offers herbal products that can help reduce stress, improve concentration and mood. Those who have trouble sleeping, meanwhile, can choose tablets that naturally calm you down and help you fall into a sound sleep. Please note that dietary supplements must be taken as indicated on the packaging.

Explore our range and attractive prices and complete your shopping. We deliver all orders within the UK as quickly as possible.

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