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At the Polish online shop in the UK, we have a company called Coccolino, which offers rinses and laundry products. It helps you look after your clothes to keep them looking new for longer. So you can stop the vicious cycle of constantly buying and throwing away single-season clothes - to the benefit of yourself and the planet.

It also reduces the excessive use of plastics and water. Neither following fashion nor looking after your wardrobe can be at the expense of the environment.Action is needed today. Here's what we plan to do and what we've already done to protect the planet.The goal is for every bottle of Coccolino liquid to be made from 100% recyclable plastic. This will reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by households - to the benefit of the planet.One of the first eco-friendly initiatives was the development of a formula for a concentrated fabric softener sold in bottles made from 100% recycled plastic. Compared to other rinses in the Coccolino range, our ultra-concentrated formula means 34% less plastic per bottle, 24% less waste and 20% less greenhouse gases.

The changes it makes go beyond statistics, and we can see the effects on a daily basis. Concentrated fabric softener means smaller bottles. Smaller bottles mean more units per carton and more cartons per pallet - which consequently means fewer delivery trucks burning fossil fuels and emitting CO 2 .

Change the world. Start with yourself. We invite you to shop in our Polish drugstore!

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